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Video Testimonial

"EmojiOut really helped us take our TEDx event to the next level and we're excited to use EmojiOut at all future TEDx Nashville events!"

-Leslie Belknap, Executive Director at TEDx Nashville

A low risk and high reward event solution.

Emojiout allows you to effectively communicate via text message before, during, and after an event.

The Check-In

The is a subtle way to build your list by incentivizing your guest to check-in at an event with a keyword that now creates a profile on that guest allowing you to engage further throughout the event and beyond.

The Emoji Feedback

Once your guest have checked in at your event you have the opportunity to engage them further, with the final ask being for feedback, emoji style, and then you cap it off with a special offer afterwards.


Simple texting for better connected events.

Here's just a few of the features you will benefit from utilizing our versatile solution

Send A Message

The simple idea of sending a text message becomes more sophisticated with our advanced response capabilities.


Every person that check-ins at your event becomes a subscriber with a profile that provides you the chance to gain a loyal follower.


Organize your network of subscriber profiles based upon attendance, interests, or any other subject matter.

Staff Accounts

The best external communication starts internally and with Staff accounts the task just became more simple.


Simplify you life by automating basic key questions that people want to know about your event or business.

Link Tracking

160 characters may not be enough to share  your message. Our system let's you link to addt'l content and track whether or not it was viewed.

Kiosk Mode

Give your audience an alternative way of checking in with a kiosk mode that allows them to check in from a tablet.

2-Way Chat

Don't just broadcast to your audience. Allow them to send and reply to messages with the expectation of receiving a response.


Bring your contact numbers in or send your acquired contacts to another platform with this built-in feature.


The Numbers Don't Lie.

97% of American adults text weekly. Give the people what they want, how they want it!


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